Friday, September 25, 2009

My 1st Facebook Drama, this is a keeper for sure!

Kathie Penner Fox I'm so proud of Tim, he took the earth bags to buy groceries today!
Wed at 5:35pm

Jerry Fryar
What a homo. Next he will buy a prius
Wed at 5:37pm · Delete

Amy Penner Hatfield
Wed at 5:47pm · Delete

Kathie Penner Fox
I would never let that happen
Wed at 6:12pm · Delete

Kathie Penner Fox
And since WHEN is it HOMO to care about the environment YOUR CHILD is going to have to live in?? Its time to grow up Gerald!
Wed at 6:13pm · Delete

Jerry Fryar
its going to take more than fag bags and a prius
Wed at 6:16pm · Delete

Kathie Penner Fox
He wants a bicycle remember!
Wed at 6:18pm · Delete

Jerry Fryar
he will make good fertilizer when he gets hit by a car riding all the way to nasa
Wed at 6:20pm · Delete

Kathie Penner Fox
I don't think there's suppose to be any metal in fertilizer
Wed at 6:22pm · Delete

Jerry Fryar
im going brown, to hell with green. im throwing trash everywhere and using plastic bags for everything..hahaha
Wed at 6:24pm · Delete

Kathie Penner Fox
There's def enough of you to throw everywhere
Wed at 6:25pm · Delete

Jerry Fryar
one day you will need an extension cord to charge your hybrid.... dont call me
Wed at 6:28pm · Delete

Kathie Penner Fox
One day you will need green power b/c you burned up all the fossil fuels...dont call Tim to set it up!
Wed at 6:30pm · Delete

Jerry Fryar
What? You make no scense
Wed at 6:34pm · Delete

Kathie Penner Fox
and your extension cord does? like I don't have 5000 of them in my house?? plus, if you were educated about energy that WOULD make sense
Wed at 6:35pm · Delete

Jerry Fryar
Well I'm not, if you are the only person going green it won't help.
Wed at 6:37pm · Delete

Kathie Penner Fox
Good thing I'm not...It just seems that way around here. Pretty sad when I have to take my trash to the next town to recycle it. You just sit back and do nothing, you're good at that!
Wed at 6:39pm · Delete

Micah Dupuis
I think the only bags this "JERRY" character is going to be using is Douche bags...
Wed at 6:40pm · Delete

Jerry Fryar
Real fucking mature to talk shit over the Internet
Wed at 6:41pm · Delete

Micah Dupuis
you do understand that this is what you have been doing for the entirety of this post correct? except yours just doesn't make sense or SCENSE as you say
Wed at 6:42pm · Delete

Kathie Penner Fox
Thanks for the support!!! People wouldnt have to say things like that if you just opened your mind a little...
Wed at 6:43pm · Delete

Jerry Fryar
Do you understand that I've been joking with Kathie this whole time
Wed at 6:44pm · Delete

Kathie Penner Fox
Next time I'm at Kroger, I'll buy you some green bags FUSS POT
Wed at 6:45pm · Delete

Jerry Fryar
Oh boy, do they have any with Obama on them.
Wed at 6:49pm · Delete

Jerry Fryar
Oh, and Micah are you an English professor because apparently you have never misspelled a word
Wed at 6:51pm · Delete

Micah Dupuis
well i guess your lack of intellect and respect for another persons better half and responsibility for our childrens futures just automatically made me think that you were in fact just a douche...I apologize for insulting your little bubble of a world your living in. Next time i'll make it a point to remember this conversation and realize that some people do say the total opposite of what they truly think and feek...way to be real
Wed at 6:52pm · Delete

Kathie Penner Fox
You're such a loser, did you even vote? Recycling has been around longer than Obama, tard
Wed at 6:53pm · Delete

Jerry Fryar
Feek...... Lol what an idiot. You call me out and then do the same thing LMFAO
Wed at 6:53pm · Delete

Micah Dupuis
actually i was just in the middle of gettin back to you on that...Your spelling errors didn't bother me that much it was just the fact that all your other writings were so OFF that it got to me a bit more than usual
Wed at 6:55pm · Delete

Kathie Penner Fox
LMAO, oh man.... I'm glad someone said it
Wed at 6:56pm · Delete

Lynn Beddingfield Fryar
Ya I'm agreeing with bub, this Micah guys a douche, must have voted for obama
Wed at 6:58pm · Delete

Jerry Fryar
Well you liberal environmentalist are the reason we have this shitty president, so I don't care that I offended you. The things are called opinions and every one has them. Get over it everyone in the world doesn't have the same views as you.... Just the people in California do
Wed at 6:59pm · Delete

Micah Dupuis
Im a libertarian if you must it if you need to...Im also a United States Military Veteran and a member of the NRA so as far as out "Government" is concerned, I am also a "domestic terrorist" ...In fact, I just have an open mind and great moral values sorry kids you are once again mistaken
Wed at 7:00pm · Delete

Lynn Beddingfield Fryar
Wed at 7:01pm · Delete

Lynn Beddingfield Fryar
Jeez Kathie, y do u have to start such major topics?!
Wed at 7:03pm · Delete

Kathie Penner Fox
Wed at 7:04pm · Delete

Jerry Fryar
Well GI Joe came in ready for war, I was simply joking with you. And by the way I don't care what a libertarian is..... Recycle, only eat vegetables and live life
Wed at 7:10pm · Delete

Samantha Fiszer
wow this conversation was way entertaining
Wed at 7:21pm · Delete

Micah Dupuis
that pretty much sums it up...You don't care. You don't care to see what other people REALLY think. You don't care to see what its like to have an open mind. You don't care what you make yourself look like to other people (that is an ASSumption on my part due to your portrayed ignorance, so i'll take the fall for that one, and you certainly don't care to have respect for anything except to you sir I bid farewell and good day
Wed at 7:21pm · Delete

Lynn Beddingfield Fryar
Dude! Stop!!! It was a joke until u came in trying to talk like u know everything. It was fun and games before you. Do u enjoy controversy? Sure seems like it.
Wed at 7:38pm · Delete

Micah Dupuis
You should maybe ask Kathie If she thought it was funny..If she enjoyed what ole boy was sayin to her! Do I enjoy Cotroversy, No not particularly, I was just backin my friend who told me herself that she DID like what i was saying and to proceed soo. The controversy started when your Brother or Husband or however he's related to you called her ... Read Morehusband a HOMO for being a responsible partner..AND actually yes i do know that they are both friends and he thinks he has a "right" to make fun of him if he wants to. However, Kathie sincerely didn't appriciate it ...and I have her back just like you had to cover for your boy
Wed at 7:51pm · Delete

Micah Dupuis
im done w/ this can write back all night long im just lettin you know that i will not be responding so consider youselves the victor of the "battle" if you so choose to be that arrogant and immature as has been the pattern so far..goodnight children
Wed at 7:53pm · Delete

Lynn Beddingfield Fryar
Oh my god!!!!! You are by far the biggest waste of time, I'm stopping cuz ur one of those people who is always right!it was a joke man! quit being so damn serious, it's annoying! How can u possibly have a fun life when you annalyze everything?
Wed at 7:56pm · Delete

Lynn Beddingfield Fryar
Kathie don't ever talk about recycling again lol!!! Terrible subject, very touchy apparently! Hahaha
Wed at 7:58pm · Delete

Kathie Penner Fox
I'm not starting this again, but it shouldn't have been...Bubba just came and blasted my values like he always does.
Wed at 8:00pm · Delete

Lynn Beddingfield Fryar
He's always right Kathie, u will learn
Wed at 8:39pm · Delete

Lynn Beddingfield Fryar
Now that I've read over the convo again, I take back all of my posts! It did get way out of hand, that's the only thing I will say!
Wed at 9:10pm · Delete

Christopher Stephens
Earth bags...give me a break!!!
Wed at 9:22pm · Delete

Kathie Penner Fox
don't even start!
Wed at 9:29pm · Delete

Lynn Beddingfield Fryar
Seriously, why can't u delete posts? This one needs to be ended asap!!'
Wed at 10:09pm · Delete

Jamie Penner
Yesterday at 1:17am · Delete

Tracy Zepeda Radogna
Yesterday at 7:32am · Delete
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Aimee' said...

lol, awesome kathie! i always forget my "green bags" at home...i have them...just forget them! maybe i should leave them in the car?!

Ashley said...

I have a couple of them as well (one is a pink breast cancer awarenes one!) :D But I, like Aimee', forget mine at home all the time too.

I think I should just put them in my car also.

Props to ya, Mamma!